I have been contemplating about people’s sense of atmosphere under the theme of “coexistence of people and nature.”
When a person lingers in a certain space, the atmosphere of that space changes. Could that be because the atmosphere of the space changed due to the atmosphere of the person, or did the space change the person’s atmosphere, or did the interaction between the person and the space cause the person to perceive the invisible atmosphere ? Then what is“atmosphere?” People tend to be conscious of what they can see and what is happening in front of them, but matters are constructed by many invisible influences, and we sense many of them subconsciously. And that means that we are capturing a moment from an untraceable past far beyond the history of human and nature's activities, and which is moving through the present and into the future.
I view these invisible moments as “atmosphere.” And then as it overlaps with my own memories, I notice that my consciousness expands into the vast expanse of the subconscious world. In the seemingly graspable yet ungraspable atmosphere, I have attempted to transform this feeling of wandering between the boundaries of the conscious and subconscious into my work through the relationship of objects and space in sculptures.
The statues which combine the handcrafted and 3D digital data technology, and the raden (mother-of-pearl inlays) acrylic sculptures, Dry lacquer statue and lacquer technique of traditional Japanese technique, as well as projects in which the sculptures and space are made to reflect the relationship of houses and towns and the video works recording them, and clothing that serves as a medium between space and people, have all been created to extract the properties of materials and techniques, mainly the layers of light and time.  Through my works, I hope that it will be an opportunity to broaden and cherish the subconscious mind that cannot be expressed in words, and to think together about the grand theme of "coexistence of people and nature."
Tomotaka YASUI

乾漆や漆、3D デジタルデータ技術と手仕事を併用した人物彫刻、螺鈿とアクリルの彫刻、家と町の関係を彫刻と空間に見立てたプロジェクトとそれを記録している映像作品、空間と人の媒介となる服など、素材や技法に含まれる性質、主に光や時間の層を抽出するように制作してきました。作品を通して、言葉にならない無意識の感覚を広げ大切にし、そのことで「人と自然の共存」という壮大なテーマを共に考察するきっかけとなればと願っています。